Shocking : A young Sankwala Boy Survived a Ghastly Accident

Today a young boy survived a very terrifying accident just this evening.
Eye witness said, the young boy saw the Toyota Picnic parked along Busy/Basang  Road, he boarded the vehicle without the owners concern, because the owner is his friend.
The owner warned him several times to highlight from the car, because the young boy does not know how to drive.
The Boy Ignite the Car, the car was on Gear according to the driver, and then the boy leg was on the Throttle pedal.
In a twinkle of an eye, the car was on a high speed, out of anxiety, he started to swing the steering of the car left right and center.
And then he faced the car at the round about, towards the road sellers, and the cyclist park, and the other hand he swinged his hand to the left, taking the car down, Busi road. 
The car climed the synotab (Community Play Ground)
Pulling the Local wooden Handcuffs

From the ground, going towards the All Kiorsk Villa.
But stopped at the stairs/steps of the playground.

The sound was so loud that even the market sellers inside the market started running.
Fake news entered that it was The Tiv People that have envaded the town. 
Only to discover the boy at the scene Unconscious, but not injured.
He was rushed to the hospital, while the car was towed out of the playground.
Had it been that the guy swinged his hand towards Basang road that used to pack crowded mostly in the evening, souls would have been lost.
And this happened after the Town lost a young Icon named 
George Akutsam aka Geoval

View pictures below. Warning ⚠ Graphic Photos


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