Health Tips : 8 Beauty Benefits of Eating WatermelonHealth Tips : 8 Beauty Benefits of Eating Watermelon

Watermelons are made up of about 92% water and lots of nutrients. This sweet green skinned food has been classified as both a fruit and a vegetable and comes in so many varieties. Delicious and low on calorie, a bite of watermelon leaves your body nourished.

One of the benefits of including watermelons in your diet is its contribution to how you look. Yes, your skin and hair thanks you every time you help yourself to a slice of this wonderful fruit/vegetable.

Beauty benefits associated with watermelons include:

Dehydrates your skin

Due to its high content of water, a serving of watermelon leaves you hydrated and in turn makes your skin supple through natural moistening it. Dry and dehydrated skin looks bad, right?

Healthy hair growth

We all want to have a mane of healthy hair and go all the way to look for products to achieve this. Eating watermelon will save you the hustle by supplying hair growth promoting agent, arginine, to your scalp. They also help in collagen formation, very vital for healthy hair growth.

Acne prevention

Your skin breaks out to acne, pimples and blackheads sometimes due to the huge amount of oils produced by your sebaceous glands. Vitamin A found is adequate amounts in watermelons reduces your oil secretion and saves your pores from clogging to form the annoying acne.


Watermelons are loaded with protective antioxidants like vitamin C, glutathione, and lycopene, all which beat oxidative stress. This is the kind of stress that leaves you looking tired and older than you look.

Skin protection

Our skin is exposed to natural elements like cold and dry heat that affect it in different ways. When exposed to these elements, some people’s skin is damaged to a flaky look. The amino acid (L-arginine) found in watermelons, however, takes care of this by shielding your skin from such damage.


Once in a while, we need to get rid of dead cells on our skin to maintain a clean, healthy and fresh appearance. Natural watermelon juice mixed with salt makes a perfect scrub for this work. This is because the citric and malic acid found in this good fruit is gentle on your skin.

Prevents hair loss

Rich in Vitamin C, watermelons ensure that your red blood cells carry enough oxygen to the rest of your body including the scalp. When your scalp gets regular and constant oxygen supply, your hair follicles are healthy and will notice less hair loss.

Skin toner

Glutathione, an antioxidant found in high amounts in watermelons is known to contain skin pigmentation properties. Eating a slice of this amazing fruit or applying its juice on an unevenly coloured patch, tones your skin up.


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