Celeb Gist : Celebrities who got destroyed by drugs

Celeb Gist : Celebrities who got destroyed by drugs

As we all know, drugs can be incredibly hard to kick. Many people will turn to them during times of stress, and there’s nothing more stressful than being in the public eye. Sadly, these issues can spiral out of control, bringing down people’s careers, and often the humans themselves. Check out 19 shocking photos of celebs before and after drugs.

1)Macaulay Culkin

It’s become such a stereotype these days, the child actor falling into a spiral of drug abuse and poor health choices, that it’s hardly surprising that Culkin has struggled heavily with abuse problems in the past. That being said, the actor seems to be doing alright, fronting a band named “The Pizza Underground” and disregarding the negative press attention.

2)Dennis Rodman

Rodman is known for his eccentric behavior and sometimes striking choice of clothing and appearance. While it is known that the man suffered with drugs in the past, you have to give the guy some credit. I’ve never seen anyone in the public eye so flagrantly display how little he cares about what’s being said about him in the press. Good man.

3)Robin Kelly

Best known for her work on the sitcom “That 70s Show” Kelly fell into a hugely public hole of drug and substance abuse. Rumor has it that the show’s producers were forced to let her go, and seek another actress for her part after her drug use became problematic. Kelly tragically died not long ago due to drug related issues.

4)Kumari Fulbright

After getting into hot water when she allegedly kidnapped her former boyfriend, Fulbright’s career only nosedived from there onward. From both her bizarre actions and the photographic evidence below, it can only be assumed that drug or substance abuse must have played some part in her inevitable downfall.

5)Whitney Houston

Another very famous and highly tragic victim of substance abuse, Whitney Houston’s death still came as a shock to those who had followed her career. While it wasn’t surprising, her spread across the music world meant that she left many people in mourning when she finally succumbed to the pressure that come with drug abuse.

6)Lindsay Lohan

There is no fall from teen actress popularity more famous than that of Lindsay Lohan. After starring in a string of movies, the work quickly dried up for this former child star once she started on a trail of abuse that still seems to be prevailing to this day. Yet another one who has fallen victim to the constant pursuit of the tabloid press.

7)Britney Spears

She’s a star who has been unable to spend much of her life outside of the public eye. Spears has had a series of ups and down in her career along with one major breakdown. It’s been speculated that one of the things that brought this on, alongside a very public life, was possible substance abuse both in her past and present.

8)Amy Winehouse

A woman who needs no introduction, Winehouse left many distraught after her tragic death. Her music spoke to so many, her drug use publicized so viciously, she became somewhat of a messiah, an figure of tragedy in an uncaring world. When she left us, it made many fans feel that, even though they didn’t know her, they could’ve and should’ve done more to help.

9)Michael Jackson

After a hugely troubling childhood, Jackson spent his entire life in the press. A star from such a young age, the singer had no chance to live a life outside of the spotlight. Increasingly bizarre behavior and personal choices eventually lead to his death. High levels of prescription medicine were found in him during the autopsy.

10)Amanda Bynes

I’m not ashamed to say that I used to watch “The Amanda Show” religiously when I was younger. That thing was funny. I’d probably watch it now lets be honest. However, Bynes’ actions over the past few years kind of left a sour taste in the mouth of everyone who laughed along with her, what with them being the confused actions of a drug-user.

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