New Album : Gveeh - Almost Dropped Out | @GveeGekpe

Gveeh, The King is Here crooner come to the release of his 20 track mixtape album, 'Almost Dropped Out', which is a revealing point of one his struggles in school and life.

He almost dropped out of school actually because of music, which of course is the inspiration, how can one work out between school and Music.

This album is a great masterpiece which everyone should hold on to and note that he has come to stay.

Gveeh recently graduated from the university of Calabar, and as he said before, "I am going to drop an album when I graduate"...

Here it is, the album we've all been waiting for. Download below;
I Love My School => DOWNLOAD
Plenty Love => DOWNLOAD
Akonuche => DOWNLOAD
My Calabar => DOWNLOAD
Calabar Panda => DOWNLOAD
Calabar Cassava => DOWNLOAD
This is Nigeria => DOWNLOAD
I Stand With Nigeria => DOWNLOAD
Mummy's Boy => DOWNLOAD
Your Father => DOWNLOAD
Last Night => DOWNLOAD
This Year => DOWNLOAD
Hypnotized => DOWNLOAD
Mic Love => DOWNLOAD
Blood Diamond => DOWNLOAD
The King is Here => DOWNLOAD
School vs Music => DOWNLOAD
Calling => DOWNLOAD
Tribute to Pius => DOWNLOAD
If I Die Today => DOWNLOAD


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