Kanye West deletes Instagram and Twitter Accounts After

Kanye West is done with social media, again. The rapper deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts on Oct. 6, a week after his pro-MAGA rant on ‘SNL.’

Kanye West, 41, has quit Twitter and Instagram, again! After weeks of sharing his pro-MAGA, pro-Trump thoughts, the rapper deleted his social media accounts on the afternoon of Oct. 6. There was no word of warning. Just, poof, gone! He vanished from the social media world at around 1:45pm Pacific Time, according to TMZ. His digital disappearance comes one week to the day when he sparked backlash following his Saturday Night Live appearance. After the cameras stopped rolling Kanye, who was the season premiere musical guest, stayed on stage and accused the SNL team of bullying him and telling him to remove the red MAGA baseball cap that he was wearing.

But that isn’t the only outburst that has prompted many hip-hop fans to cancel Kanye. Shortly after his SNL appearance, Kanye headed over to Twitter to call for the 13th Amendment to be abolished. People were outraged that the man who once said that slavery was “a choice,” called for getting rid of the very amendment that abolished slavery.

Over on Twitter fans reacted to Kanye’s decision to delete his account. One person tweeted, “And please don’t come back this time.” Another person wrote, “#KanyeWest has deleted his account on my birthday, what a lovely day."


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