Ent. News : Shark2six Change The Planned Day For His Event Because Of His Friend.

Popular musician Shark2six has changed the date of his event that was slated to hold the same day with his friends event MC George. He changed the date to avoid unforseen issues and also for the he has for his Friend. In his official statement he said his plan is to support his beloved friend MC George. See his statement below.

I am sorry for the change of date why because my brother mc George is having his own show on that date 28 of Oct. 2018 so I will be having mine on the 25 of November 2018  I want to show him love on his day , so that on my own day people will show me love thank u
 Therefore MC George the whole Calabar will be heading to MC George event on the 28th of October then the same will happen on the 25th of November for Shark2six Concert.


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